Fundraising and Development Manager

Posted: 04/16/2021

Fundraising and Development Manager  


Accountability: Reports to the Executive Director
FLSA Status:  Non-Exempt
Hours:  28 hours per week, preferable Monday-Thursday.  Additional hours/days occasionally required as needed for specific fundraising or agency events.
Salary: $31-$35/hr DOQ.
Summary: The Fundraising and Development Manager is vacant due to a retirement. This position is responsible for development of agency fundraising events and campaigns, donor and sponsor solicitation and management, grant submissions to support M-NASR services and programs. Serves as the liaison to the Liponi Foundation, with additional fundraising and sponsorship responsibilities.
Interviews will tentatively begin mid-May with an anticipated start date of June 1, 2021.
Qualifications: Proven experience, leadership and understanding in grant writing, fundraising, events management, sponsorship, and donor cultivation (at least five years preferred). Must possess excellent written and oral communication skills.  Must demonstrate ability to cultivate relationships with donors and sponsors while promoting the mission of M-NASR.  Proficient in Microsoft Office. Must demonstrate excellent organization skills and be able to demonstrate initiative and work as part of a team.
Essential Functions:

  1. Develop fundraising strategies and programs to support M-NASR’s programs and mission.
  2. Plan, evaluate, implement, and lead all aspects of fundraising campaigns and activities for M-NASR and work cooperatively with the Board of Trustees of the Liponi Foundation to plan, evaluate, implement, and lead those fundraising campaigns. This includes but is not limited to developing timelines and project lists, marketing, registration, securing donations and sponsors, facilitating event logistics, recruiting staff and volunteers and training on event roles, negotiating, and confirming with vendors. Current fundraising activities include M-NASR’s Trivia Night, Recognition Night, Holiday Raffle, and annual appeal and the Liponi Foundation’s Mini-golf Outing and Dinner Dance & Auction.
  3. Investigate, implement, and coordinate new agency fundraising ideas.
  4. Create and oversee mailing of the Annual Appeal solicitation piece.
  5. Research and submittal of grant and funding opportunities.  Follow up reporting and documentation as required.
  6. Oversee the management of the financial aid program provided to participants. 
  7. Maintain financial records, reports and tracking for donations, events, grants, and financial aid, IDOT vehicle usage and staff training.
  8. Maintain donor, sponsor and attendee lists and databases.
  9. Manage the recognition of the support and involvement of event sponsors, donors and volunteers including, but not limited to sponsor recognition at events, in the annual report, on the website and with thank you notes.
  10. Identify, initiate, and establish relationships with various community stakeholders, M-NASR Member Districts, and other community organizations to cultivate new sponsors and supporters for events, programs, and services.
  11. Provide presentations and promote M-NASR services and partnership opportunities to local service clubs, businesses, and community organizations.
  12. Develop and manage department budget.
  13. Serve as the Liponi Foundation Liaison.
  14. Work with Foundation chair and M-NASR Executive Director to develop annual timelines and board meeting agendas.
  15. Attend board meetings (M-NASR and Foundation) and prepare board reports on fundraising and financial aid information.
  16. Adhere to all agency policy, procedure, and safety manuals by exhibiting a working knowledge of general and department specific rules and operations.
Marginal Functions:
  1. Maintain own schedule and submit timesheet in a timely fashion as guided by the annual payroll schedule.
  2. The ability to travel during work hours in the Maine and Niles Townships and the general geographic area.
Safety Considerations:
  1. Staff will comply with all M-NASR Safety Policies and Procedures and carry out all tasks in a safe manner.
  2. Attendance at various safety in-services.
Psychological Considerations:
  1. Effectively manages stress so that it does not interfere with work demand or the reputation of the organization.
  2. Must demonstrate adequate leadership skills.
  3. Must show confidence when presenting to groups.
Environmental Considerations:
  1. Most work is performed indoors; these conditions include lighting and temperature.
  2. May be exposed to extreme weather conditions for some agency events.

Cognitive Considerations:
  1. Must exhibit good problem-solving ability and good judgment in keeping with the mission of M-NASR.
  2. Must be able to demonstrate good safety awareness and judgment.
  3. Must be able to follow rules and directions.
  4. Must be able to communicate effectively.
  5. Read and understand large volumes of electronic or non-electronic paperwork.

Essential Physical Capabilities:
  1. Prolonged periods of sitting, standing, bending, stooping, and walking.
  2. Capable of lifting, pushing, pulling, and carrying items weighing 5-20 pounds with mechanical assistance or team lift.
Interested individuals should apply at:
M-NASR is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Maine-Niles Association of Special Recreation (M-NASR)
Trisha Breitlow